50th Anniversary of the Constitution of Pakistan at the Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad, 11th December' 2023

The capital city of Islamabad has successfully concluded the #KoiJawazNahi 16 Days Campaign, a collaborative initiative by National Commission on the Status of Women, UN Women, generously funded by the Government of Japan. This landmark campaign not only addressed the critical issue of violence against women and children but also marked the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Constitution of Pakistan, reinforcing the commitment to fundamental rights and equality.

Nilofar Bakhtiar, Chairperson of National Commission on the Status of Women in her welcome speech said, “As we conclude these 16 Days of activism, let's intertwine the principles of our Constitution with the dynamic spirit of the Trade Fair. Through collective effort and economic exchange, let's pave the way for a Pakistan where equality flourishes, violence dissipates, and prosperity blossoms for every citizen of Pakistan”.

While addressing the audiences, Sharmeela Rassool the Country Representative of UN Women Pakistan, stated “Our #KoiJawazNahi campaign stands shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan's Constitution, commemorating 50 years of justice and equality. Embracing 'No Excuse' and strategic investments in women and girls, we illuminate the constitutional framework safeguarding every citizen's rights. Together, we sculpt a nation where excuses vanish, and economic empowerment interconnects seamlessly with equal rights for all.”

In the keynote speech Federal Minister for Culture and Heritage Mr. Jamal Shah said"We need to encourage role of women as they are the informed decision makers. A society can only progress when it gives space to women in leading important policy decisions."

Khalil George, Federal Minister for Human Rights said, “No Excuse is more than a rule—it's our guiding principle. Our vision extends beyond policies; it's about weaving human rights into our daily fabric. By collectively safeguarding the dignity and rights of every citizen, we emphasize the significance of the ongoing 16 Days theme that is to invest in the women and girls.”