Collaboration between NCSW & ICCI; Certificate Distribution Ceremony & Eid Milan, 16th April 2024, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Islamabad

Exciting news from the collaboration between @ncsw & @icci! We celebrated EidMilan with an award distribution ceremony. Responding to demand, the Islamabad Chamber announced its first woman president soon, with Peshawar & Rwp chambers set to follow suit. Plus, facilitation centers to support women working from home will be established at all chambers across Pakistan.

We were honored to have Lansana Wonneh, Country Rep of UNWOMEN, with us at the event. He applauded @Ncsw's dedication to #economic empowerment of women, highlighting that empowering women is crucial for the growth of individuals, societies, and nations.

Let's continue to support and empower women for a brighter future!
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