Catch Amna Baig, ASP Islamabad on 14th July at 12 pm on FM 101

Assistant Superintendent Police, Amna Baig appeared as this week’s guest (seen here with host Nabila Malick) on Radio Show “Mera Haq Aaj Nahi tu Kab”. She shared Gender Protection Unit toll free number 8090 and encouraged women to call for immediate support instead of suffering abuse in silence. On a question about perception of police force as unhelpful and problematic she said that anyone can complaint about a police officer at 1715 another toll free number and register their complaint. The IG office has a mechanism to address it within 6 hours. Catch the next episode of Mera Haq Aaj Nahi Tun Kab on Wednesday 14th July live on FM 101 from 12:00 to 12:30 pm.