UN Women Country Representative, Ms. Sharmeela Rassool calls on Chairperson NCSW Nilofar Bakhtiar in Islamabad to discuss the detailed plan of the 66th CSW to be held in New York in March 2022

Ms Nilofar Bakhtiar, Chairman National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) welcomed UN Women Country Representative, Ms Sharmeela Rassool along with Deputy Country Representative  Ms Jacqui Ketunuti and portfolio manager, Ms Saman Ahsan at the NCSW Headquarter, Islamabad. Areas of collaboration for gender equality and Women empowerment were discussed in the meeting.

Ms Sharmeela also reiterated the need to focus on the eradication of gender based violence in Pakistan. She emphasized on women empowerment in the economic corridors as well as on their political participation. Moreover, the formation of the detailed plan for the 66th CSW to be held in New York was discussed with regards to NCSW.

Madam Chairperson highlighted the rising violence cases in Pakistan and underlined the significant role that needs to be played by the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). Ms Nilofar Bakhtiar invited UN Women to partake in a series of webinars arranged by the commission in partnership with Indonesian, Saudi Arabian and Turkish embassies in Pakistan.

Chairperson Ms Nilofar Bakhtiar appreciated the support provided by UN Women and expressed desire for future collaborations.