NCSW Delegation Visits Gilgit-Baltistan


In recent times, the need to have unwavering national focus and collaboration on eliminating violence against women has assumed a top priority for the Government. In this regard, the Commission being the focal body at the national level, met with counterparts, provincial governments and civil society in Gilgit-Baltistan to form synergies to fight against this increasing trend in the society.


For the above mentioned objective, Ms. Nilofar Bakhtiar, Chairperson NCSW, has planned her official visit to Gilgit-Baltistan to meet with the following personnels: 

  1. The Honorable Governor
  2. The Honorable Speaker of Provincial Assembly
  3. The Parliamentary Secretary, Women Development Department
  4. The Honorable Chief Minister
  5. The Honorable Deputy Speaker of Provincial Assembly

The aim of meeting the above personnels was to share the Commission’s priority areas in terms of women protection and women empowerment.

Discussion Notes

After a formal introduction Ms. Nilofar Bakhtiar gave an overview of NCSW from the time of conception to how it became a financially and administratively autonomous statutory body and how NCSW enhanced its scope through its mandate and status to promote social, economic, political and legal rights of women.

The Honorable Chairperson asserted on the importance of NCSW and how It has contributed   its   opinions,   shared   information   and   provided   briefs   to   different Ministries, Government departments, institutions, CSOs and various other relevant stakeholders for more than 2 decades. 

She emphasized that the growing trend of violence against women in our society is troublesome and that measures must be taken at the National and Provincial level. The Honorable Chairperson highlighted 4 needs which require the Government of Gilgit Baltistan’s immediate attention:

  1. Need for the establishment of Women Commission at GB
  2. Issues of domestic violence and suicidal acts
  3. Establishment of Dar ul Amans and Day Care Centers 
  4. Advocacy on legislation on Women Empowerment Laws especially the Gilgit Baltistan Domestic Violence against Women (Protection and Prevention, Bill 2020 and Protection against Harassment of women at the Workplace Act No. I of 2013.