Radio Programs

The growth of electronic and print media in Pakistan since the year 2000 has been unprecedented with over 90 television channels, 107 radio channels and 1464 newspapers. Pakistanis can now choose from a diverse menu of talk shows, soap operas, political and current news offerings but the understanding of messages in such a variance has not been equivalent. 

With respect to women, media channels across the board cater to a stereotypical perception of women’s issues and interests. Pakistani women of today do enjoy a better status but it is still a long way to go before they can appreciate the basic rights of citizenship. To expedite this journey, we are developing programs which highlight these issues from a woman's perspective. 

This campaign will consist of a series of weekly radio programs which will create awareness on the rights, roles and responsibilities of women in different spheres of their public and private lives. It will also emphasize the importance of women participation in politics and civil life. 

The objective of the radio program series is to inform, educate and mobilize women for their legal and citizenship rights. The expected outcome of these radio programs will be to inform and make the audience aware of their political, legal, social and economic rights, nation wide. Viewers can also make recommendations for topics and guest speakers by emailing the NCSW team at

Tune in every Monday at 11:00 - 11:30 am