Women’s Economic Empowerment

The commitment to gender equality and women’s rights is the top priority of the Government of Pakistan and it is evident since we have been part of international covenants such as Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Beijing Declaration. 

However, girls lag behind in education and skill development necessary for gainful employment. Women who have been in prisons and Government shelters also get neglected due to societal stigma. This also impacts children who are accompanied with these women and so it is imperative to devise a policy that can rehabilitate, educate and provide these women with the skills needed for becoming economically empowered and earn them a place into the workforce.

The NCSW in collaboration with NAVTCC and Technical education and vocational training authority (TEVTA) will devise suitable vocational courses best suited for short, medium and longer term training of the women inmates in the jails and residents of public sector shelters. NCSW aims to provide both short and long-term solutions with this training program as it will give previously affected women a skill-set with which they can become financially independent and come out of a cycle of poverty and violence. This direct impact on female livelihood and social situation is not all we stand to gain through such collaboration; long-term effects like increased payback to the economy and the passing on of such education from mothers to their children are also added benefits. 


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