National Gender Data Portal (NGDP)

According to the Population Census of 2017, the total population of Pakistan is 207 million with a growth rate of 2.4% (Government of Pakistan 2017). The female population of the country is estimated to be less than half the total population (48.4%), which is an indicator of the status of women in society.

The size of the population and the growth rate present serious challenges and necessitate regular assessment of demographic impact through collection of reliable data in surveys. Since regular data collection is an integral piece, the Commission aims to deploy a cost-effective method for data collection than pursue labor intensive surveys. 

GMIS is envisioned as a National computerized database which will be a collection of secondary data from all provinces as well as the primary data from the capital city and its suburbs and territory areas. This Project will help bring together the information from all provinces and project a National Picture on the Status of Women in Pakistan. It will further help provide an on-going analysis on the status of women, design policies, provide recommendations, support to policy makers and budget allocation for women to enhance their social and legal status. 

All of this information will be available on a web portal, a significant part of this portal will be dedicated to the information collected from the GIMS from all the provinces and other official sources of the government and departments as well.