16 Days of Activism Day 10 2021-2022 Activities - Event 2

2022 - 16 Days Of Activisim Day 10  -  conference on Post-Flood Recovery for Vulnerable Groups conference by the World Bank 8th Dec 2022:

Event 2: In the conference on Post-Flood Recovery for Vulnerable Groups conference by the World Bank, Mr. Njay Benhassine, Country Director WB, shared the findings of the social impact assessment with relevant stakeholders.

In the closing remarks I pinpointed the trauma affiliated with natural disasters and emphasised the need for special policies which must be created to address the needs for the most vulnerable community: women, children & persons with special needs. The violence faced by women have increased in Pakistan due to COVID-19 as well as the recent floods and it is pertinent for the government to work closely with relevant national and international organisations to address the survivors needs.

We were also joined by Ms. Uzma Quresh, Senior Social Development Specialist, WB; Ms. Anna C. O' Donnell, Lead Social Development Specialist WB and Ms. Sharmeela Rasool, Country Representstive UN Women.

2021 -16 Days Of Activisim Day 10 - The launch of report "Impact of COVID 19 on Women". 8th Nov 2021:

On December 8th NCSW’s report on ‘Impact of COVID 19 on Women’ in collaboration with UNFPA was launched. The launch was attended by Nausheen Hamid, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Dr. Bakhtior Kadirov, Country head of UNFPA, with Federal Minister of Human Rights, Honorable Shireen Mazari, as a Chief Guest. This report outlined the background of the pandemic, the impact of the most vulnerable of the nation-women, and steps needed to be taken to ease their hardships.