Visit to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Call on to the Governor KP

The Chairperson called on the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in his office on 28th September 2021. The delegation included Chairperson Women Caucus KP, Chairperson Women Caucus KP, Women Parliamentarians KP Assembly, Members NCSW from KP, and officers of NCSW.

The Chairperson was warmly welcomed by Governor KP at his office on lunch at Governor Office, which was followed by a formal meeting. During the meeting, the Chairperson briefed about the purpose of her visit to Governor KP and discussed issues pertaining to the women in KP, and sought possible support from the office of Governor KP.

The Governor KP appreciated the visit of the Chairperson and ensured full support for the fundamental rights of the women in the province. He further added that the charter of women's rights may be shared with the Governor House KP for further activities. The Governor also indicated that Women Parliamentarians have full representation in the Assembly and they have received a budget of Rs.100 million for their projects. Furthermore, Governor and Chairperson agreed for planning activities in Governor House on the theme of Climate Change for CSW - 2021 activities.


Meeting with Women Parliamentary Caucus KP

Chairperson held a meeting with Women Parliamentary Caucus KPK on 27th Sept 2021 at Peshawar. The meeting was attended by Dr. Sumaira Shams, Chairperson of Women Caucus KP, Women Parliamentarians from KP Assembly, Provincial Members, and Officers of NCSW.

The Chairperson briefed the participants about the purpose of the visit to KP which included input for the strategic plan and thematic areas of the Commission, plan activities planned for the CSW - 2021 on the theme of climate change, commemorating 16 days of activism at the national level, monitoring visits to Jail, Dar ul Aman and SBBWU Women University in Peshawar.


Visit Women Central Jail, Peshawar

The Chairperson was accompanied by Dr. Sumaira Shams, Chairperson Women Caucus KP, Women Parliamentarians from KP Assembly, Members NCSW from KP, and Officers of NCSW. Mr. Maqsood ur Rehman Khattak, Jail Superintendent, warmly welcomed the delegation of NCSW at the Women Central Jail, Peshawar. Mr. Khattak gave a brief presentation on the condition and present situation of Peshawar jail to the delegation. He said that there are 53 women inmates in jails held under different categories, the majority include women who are under trial for drug smuggling. He further added that regular hearings of cases are being carried out in a proper manner, He further briefed about female facilities in jail including hospital, embroidery and stitching room, provision of nutrition diet, psychologist, religious and conventional education teachers for the inmate prisoners.

For Juveniles, 2 rooms are there for education from nursery to class 10, also free legal aid is provided to women inmates.

After the presentation, the Chairperson visited women's cells and asked the prisoners for any difficulty in the cell or process of hearing. The Chairperson was pleased to know that all women cases have regular hearing and diet is also provided to them regularly. Further, the delegation visited Skill Development rooms and appreciated the work done by women prisoners with the support of the DOST Foundation.

The Chairperson presented her concluding remarks after the visit and highly appreciated the facilities provided at Women Central Jail, in Peshawar. She said that “this jail is very well organized and maintained by the relevant authorities who are providing the facilities to women prisoners; further her point of delight was that cases of all women have a regular hearing in the court.


Call on to the Speaker KP Assembly

The Chairperson called on the Speaker of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in his office on 29th September 2021. The Chairperson was accompanied by Chairperson Women Caucus KP, Chairperson KP Commission on the Status of Women, Women Parliamentarians KP Assembly, Members NCSW from KP, and officers of NCSW.

The Chairperson was warmly welcomed by Speaker KP at his office. During the meeting, the Chairperson, briefed Mr. Mushtaq Ghani, Speaker KP, about the purpose of her visit to KP, during meeting the Chairperson has raised the following points:

  • Strengthening of Women Parliamentary Caucus in KP

  • Plan activities for CSW on the theme of climate change in Governor House

  • Celebration of 16 days of activism at the national level

  • Support of Speaker for new legislation for Women in the province

  • To notify Anti-harassment Committee in KP Assembly


Meeting with Vice-Chancellor SBBWU Peshawar

Chairperson visited Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar (SBBWUP) along with Members and Officers of NCSW on 29th Sept 2021.

The Chair was received and greeted by Prof. Dr. Razia Sultana, Vice-Chancellor (SBBWUP). In her welcome remarks of the ceremony being organized for the Chairperson, she mentioned that Women University developed a nationwide community of teachers, students, parents, public employees, businesses, organizations, and individuals who understand the critical link between knowing about Women’s role in every walk of life and making a positive difference in today’s world. She mentioned that, presently, SBBWUP is playing a role of a catalyst, the content provider, promoting women as leaders and influential forces in our society. She added that any institution, whether it is society or organization, in the present century cannot function effectively without women’s equal participation in leadership activities. She also appreciated and acknowledged the active role of NCSW in providing a platform to the women who need help and guidance.

The Chairperson NCSW lauded the efforts being carried out at the Women University for women representation, leadership, and decision making.


Visit Women Crisis Centre

Ms. Nilofer Bakhtiar, Chairperson NCSW visited Women Crisis Centre, Peshawar with her team and accompanied by Women Parliamentarians KP and Members from KP and officers of NCSW.

The Chairperson was warmly received by the In-charge of Women Crisis Center. She was briefed about the institutional background, present condition, challenges, and issues faced by the center. The Chair, along with her team monitored the center along with females’ delegates. In charge of the Centre also briefed the delegate that there are presently 58 females utilizing the facility. Mostly, women are having property issues, domestic violence, 2nd marriage, and a few are mentally unstable. Further, she added that nutritional food is provided to all women, and the security of the crisis center is very good but an extension on the 2nd floor requires security, for that they had written up to the Social Welfare Department.

Furthermore, she added that security/protocol for traveling of females to the Court and Hospital is a big issue, as there are hearings in the courts and more than 50 visits in 5 months.

She suggested that a Special First Aid room must be made at Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) for initial treatment of the female inmates’. Traveling of females of Crises Centre has high protocol, which causes problems for the administration of the Centre. Furthermore, the appointment of a female Psychologist in the Centre for rehabilitation of females is also under consideration.