14th February 2023,Gender Digital Divide report Consultation, Avari Hotel Lahore:

NCSW held a consultation today in collaboration with UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and Jazz, where stakeholders belonging to the political, private, academia and media sectors were invited to jointly work on the Gender Digital Divide report for the 67th UNCSW planned to take place in New York. We were honoured to have Ms. Mumtaz Khawar as chair of the event. 
We were also joined by our chief guest, Mr. Umar Saif, IT Expert Punjab , Ms. Roohi Syed NCSW board member, Ms. Nada Azhar, Secretary PCSW Punjab, Ms. Sumaira Samad, Secretary Women Development Department Punjab,Sabahat Bokhari from Jazz, Ms. Anoosha Shaigan, UNDP Technical Advisor for Digitization /Board Member, Punjab Food Authority and Technical Advisor, and  Ms. Taniya Durrani, UNFPA Representative Punjab. 
Thank you everyone for your great recommendations!