NCSW & CARE International signs extension of LOI

CARE International in Pakistan is an International NGO that works in over 100 countries around the world in partnership with others, to overcome poverty, social injustice through its long term humanitarian and development programs.

Through this Letter of Intent (LOI), the objective is to:

  1. Set out the basis of joint understanding to work together around gender equality and provide support to marginalized women and girls.
  2. To work for creating safer workplaces for employees in the public and private sector organizations to enhance women workers’ labor force participation.
  3. To support, promote and implement New ILO Instrument through engaging and collaborating with relevant stakeholders.
  4. To work for the well-being of men and women through supporting and collaborating for the implementation of laws and referral services.

This work links with NCSW’s key functions pertaining to: Recommend to the government of Pakistan to sign and ratify international instruments designed to protect human rights. To develop and maintain interaction and dialogue with non-governmental organizations, experts and individuals in society and active association with similar commission and institutions in other countries for collaboration and action to achieve gender equality at the national, regional and international level. To mobilize grants from domestic and international including multi and bilateral agencies, for meeting any of its obligations or performing its functions. To monitor the implementation of international instruments that Pakistan has signed.