16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM DAY 1 - 2021-2022

2022 - 16 Days Of Activisim Day 2 - Inauguration of Gender Unit at the launch of 16 Days Of Activism at Ministery of Planning and Development 25th Nov:

NCSW welcomes the inauguration of Gender Unit at the launch of 16 Days Of Activism, by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning. It was heartening to participate in the event & the Panel Discussion on the International Day for the Elimination of VAW.

2021 -16 Days Of Activisim Day 2 - MoU Signing Ceremony Of NCSW with Legal Aid Society 23rd Nov:

On November 23rd, an MoU was signed between NCSW and the Legal Aid Society in which 9 distinct animated films in 72 regional languages would be launched during the 16 Days of Activism in order to shed light on women’s inheritance rights. Academy Award Winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinnoy played an active role in turning women’s laws into content for the entire society to be viewed and shared.