16 Days of Activism Day 5 Event 2 & 3 2021-2022 Activities

2022 - 16 Days Of Activisim Day 5  - Institute of Space & Technology and Arid Agricultural University at  2nd Dec 2022:

Event 2: The NCSW, in collaboration with HEC, FIA & Ministry of P&D, visited the Institute of Space & Technology today to interact with the students and discuss the importance of cyber ethics & security. #16DaysofActivism2022

Event 3: NCSW with HEC, FIA & Ministry of P&D organized a seminar with an amazing turnout in Arid Agricultural University wherein the problem of cyber harassment was dissected, and steps to counter it were holisticly discussed. #16DaysofActivism2022

2021 -16 Days Of Activisim Day 5 - National Conference of all Pakistan Women Chambers of Commerce Faisalabad. 15th Nov 2021:

National conference of all Pakistan Women Chambers of Commerce, held in Faisalabad at Chambers of Commerce all the members of Women Chambers of commerce who enthusiastically agreed to join our #16Days of Activism campaign to end Violence against Women