16 Days of Activism Day 6 2021-2022 Activities

2022 - 16 Days Of Activisim Day 6  -  Cycling Sunday 3rd Dec 2022:

On Sunday. December 4th the National Commission on the Status of Women and Right To Play organized a Cycling Sunday to raise awareness and support the campaign against femicide in light of 16 Days of Activism, an international campaign to end gender-based violence.

This event was participated by girls from all over Islamabad who were cycling, running or walking on Jinnah Avenue.

Chairperson NCSW, Nilofar Bakhtiar highlighted the importance of commemorating the 16 Days of Activism. She talked about how there are a lot of high profile gender based violence cases, but there are many cases in Pakistan that go unfortunately unnoticed. Nilofar Bakhtiar commented on Pakistan's low position internationally on the Gender Gap Index, and the work currently being done by the commission. "Let us say no to violence against women, now," She said.

The Chief Guest, Chairman Capital Development Authority, Muhammad Usman Younis, spoke to the participants about the importance of a women's position in society. He requested and encouraged the chairperson to increase the frequence of these activities. He also spoke about increasing the amount of and expansiveness of the safe spaces available for women. He spoke about collaborating with the NCSW in holding sport tournaments for women to increase their participation and encourage.

The guest of honour for the event was Country Director UN Women, Sharmeela Rasool. She, joined the participants in biking the whole route of Jinnah Avenue.

Country Director Right to Play, Ali Khayam thanked NCSW for a succesful event. He talked about the agency a women posesses once she engages in sport activities. Ali discussed the necessity for setting the target for women empowerment at the top for Pakistan, and striving to achieve that goal.

2021 -16 Days Of Activisim Day 6 - Cycling Sunday 3rd Nov 2021:

In collaboration with the Bardasht team, on December 6th, Cycling Sunday was held in Islamabad to spread awareness about 16 Days of Activism and gender-based violence especially issues pertaining to domestic violence. This exhilarating activity was conducted under the leadership of Haji Asif and Dr. Zubair. Participants wore orange hats, scarves and held banners in order to show solidarity with the campaign while during the cycling event.